Soft warm yellow light and the flowing sand brings you beautiful enjoyment, gives you the peace of mind and guide your heart into tranquility. 

The Sand Hourglass LED Lamp is a great lighting idea for your bedroom. Shaped like a hourglass, and containing actual sand, the Sand Hourglass LED Lamp won’t turn off even the sand is finished flowing. The sand will actually cover the light source of the lamp and slowly set you in the mood for sleeping as the whole room gets darker and darker. The rustling sound of the sand, as if a simple lullaby, make your body relax, eyelids heavier, hourglass lights gradually buried, dreams come quietly.

Sand timers run about 10 minutes(the actual measurement shall prevail). Ideal for kids timing eating, doing homework, games & help children better understand time management. Hourglass sand timer provides an optimal time frame for work and rest.

It is a wonderful home decor for your mantel, office desk, coffee table and bookshelf.

The lamp is also perfect gift for most festivals such as Birthday, Wedding, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, and Mother’s Day, ect.

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