Lepower Standing lamp
Lepower Standing lamp
Lepower Standing lamp
Lepower Standing lamp
Lepower Standing lamp

Lepower Standing lamp




Bullet Point

  • The main top light and side Reading Light can be turned on/off separately by individual rotary switch. LEPOWER floor lamp doesn’t take up a lot of space, yet can illuminate a large room nicely.
  • Comes with a 9W LED bulb and a 5W LED bulb for convenient use.
  • 3000K Energy-Saving LED Bulbs has a warm color, friendly for eyes.
  • High-quality metal Lamp Rod with well-balanced base, safe for your pets and children.     


  • Item: LEPOWER Standing lamp
  • Weight: ‎11.47 pounds
  • Dimension10.43 *10.43 *70.27 inches



  • Can this work on 220 v?

    It depends on the definite products. Some items work on 85volt-265volt, some items work only on 100volts-130volts,details please see product page.

  • How long is the power cord and where is the switch relative to the cord ends?

    The cord is 59" long from the unit to the end of metal parts of the plug.From the plug to the switch is 16"(not included the length of the plug).

  • Do this light with a motion detect?

    No, the item is without motion detect.

  • Is this light dimable?

    The light is not dimmable,only on/off switch on the plug wire.

  • Can I cut the plug and hardwire the light?

    We recommend you use the Professional electrician cut the plug and hardwire the light.

  • Does it have 3 plug prong?

    Yes, and the cord has an on/off switch.

  • Is the on/off switch that is on the cord waterproof as well?

    No, the on/off switch on the cord is not waterproof.

  • What replacement bulbs do I get?

    This is a bulit-in LED light, the bulbs can not be replaced.

  • Is the glass cover replaceable? 

    No, the glass cover cannot be replaced. 

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