First, confirm the motion sensor is working properly
1, Please check that the wires are properly inserted.
2, Please take a moment to turn the TIMER MINUTES control knob to "Test" and then turn the FEET control knob to "Max" to see if the LED lights up. (In test mode, when movement is detected, the lights go on for 7 seconds, day or night)
3, If the light can work in Test mode, it indicates that the motion sensor has no problem. please mind moving the sensor and turning the TIMER MINUTES control knob to 1 minute, after that, check whether the lights work properly in automatic mode at night.

And check and adjust the below details: 
1, Please make sure it is dark and there are no light sources around. If the motion sensor senses that the surrounding environment is bright, it will not light up. (Please test the light at night)
2, Please adjust the orientation of the sensor head, and aim the white area on the sensor head to the place to be sensed. (Don't be too high or too low).
3, Make sure there is no relatively close shield in front of the sensor head during installation.
4, If you have several lights, please keep them not too close. If these lights are installed too close, they will affect each other. 
5, Make sure there is no infrared emitting object around, such as a camera with a night vision function. Because the sensor head is affected by infrared rays, it will affect the normal use of the light.

First, make sure you installed it correctly
1, Please make sure there is no relatively close shield in front of the sensor head during installation. Sometimes the light reflected from the wall or window may affect the work of the sensor. 
2, May we confirm that there is no infrared emitting object around, such as a camera with night vision function? Infrared rays will also cause the security light to not work properly. 
3, Please make sure the surrounding is dark. If the motion sensor senses that the surrounding environment is bright, it will not light up. 
4, If you have several lights, please keep them not too close. If these lights are installed too close, they will affect each other. 

If there are no influencing factors around, please reset the light as per the following steps:
1, Turn OFF the circuit switch
2, Adjust Time into "Test” and Sensitivity Mode to "Max"
3, Then please turn ON the circuit switch to see if it will work well in TEST mode ( the test mode is that it will light up for 7 seconds after detecting movement  day or night).
4, If it can work, please adjust the orientation of the sensor head (Don't be too high or too low)
5, After that, please rotate the TIMER MINUTES control knob for 1 minute, then check at night whether the light can work normally in Auto mode.

In the test mode, the light will light up for 7 seconds after detecting movement day or night. Please take a moment to turn the TIMER MINUTES control knob to "Test" and then turn the FEET control knob to "Max".The light will enter the test mode.
In auto mode, the light will come on when motion is detected at night. You can change the duration of lighting by setting. After a while (depending on the lighting time by setting) it will turn off normally. It will light up again until the next movement is sensed. Please rotate the TIMER MINUTES control knob to 1 minute or the time you want, and rotate the Mode control knob to auto, the light will exit the test mode and enter auto mode.
Hope the above information will be helpful!

First, confirm the product is working properly
1, Please check whether the solar panel and light are correctly connected and whether the solar panels can receive enough sunlight. If the lights don't brighten up, please try putting the solar panels in the sun for 3 days.
2, After completing the above steps, please take a moment to turn the TIMER MINUTES control knob to "Test" and then turn the FEET control knob to "Max" to see if the LED lights up (In test mode, when movement is detected, the lights go on for 7 seconds after movement is detected, day or night). Check to see if the light can brighten up when movement is detected steps.
If the light can work in Test mode, it means there is no problem with the motion sensor. Please switch the control knob to the On mode, how long will the light be on? (If the lamp is fully charged, it can stay on for 50 minutes.)

Besides, please check and adjust with the below details:
1, Please check the surroundings. Sometimes the light reflected from the wall or window may affect the work of the sensor.
2, Please make sure the surrounding is dark. If the motion sensor senses that the surrounding environment is bright, it will not light up.
3, Please adjust the angle of the light head and the sensor head properly to see if it can be sensed.

1, Check whether there have some reflective objects around the lamp and try to adjust the angle of the sensor. (Sometimes the reflected light from the wall or window may affect the judgment of the sensor)
2, Check whether the sensor cover is covered on the sensor, if so, please take it down.
3, Ensure that there are no obstacles or other lighting objects near the lamp.
4, When the light from the lamp head hits the sensor head, may cause the sensor head to misjudge the surrounding environment as daytime. Please move the sensor head down a little bit and then see if the light can work normally.

The security light is powered off or powered on but no motion is detected, several LED lights are slightly on, which is a normal phenomenon. Because there is still microamp current after power is off, resulting in residual light. And the lens of this security light is the clearest, so it will be easier to identify at night.
This phenomenon will not cause power loss and will not shorten the life of the lamp, please don't worry.

To make ensure that the mounting plate can bear the total weight of the light fixture and the battery, it is designed to be very tight, and it takes a little effort to pull it out. Here we encolse a video to show you how to get the bracket plate off easily.

See the video>>

Press the 2 brightness control buttons" -/+" at the same time to activate the RF module (trans-mission and reception connected), the LED light panel will flash 3 times if the connection is completed. (You may not control the floor lamp if you fail to get the remote controller and receiving module in the lamp connected, please try until you complete the connection before you can control the floor lamp).

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